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It all started with a catchy slogan "Fool wit me if ya cool wit me" made popular by company CEO D-Dirt LilRockObama thru his music.  He took the phrase and put it on a t-shirt and it began a demand.  Couple years later D-Dirt made the phrase "Arkansauce" popular.  The idea was sparked by Dj Plug out of Atlanta when he pronounce Arkansas wrong.  D-Dirt took the mispronounciation and ran with it.  The phrase became popular once again in the hip hop community especially when artist A-State BandRunnaz released the hit song "Arkansauce".  Originally the song was group member Mr Lv and D-Dirt but D-Dirt procrastinated on writing his verse and missed the opportunity.  But one missed opportunity begets another. The Flava Factory!

How it all began!

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